SUMMA – 1st Anniversary

Music will be served at Village Underground Lisboa by up and coming portuguese artist Palma and northern explorer Tendency who has recently played festivals such as Vinculum and Neopop together with DJ Lynce. Our hosts Enkō and Cravo will close the night with their own groovy brand of techno.

House Mouse with Chez Damier + Virginia (Day & Night)

House Mouse is a party strictly (and shamelessly) dedicated to House Music. From the north back to Lisbon, we are now bringing the Chicago House Music pioneer Chez Damier to Village Underground Lisboa for 13hrs of party!
Outdoor daytime party, followed by a cozy warehouse rave with Virginia.

Art Bei Ton: From Berlin to Lisbon #6

We’re very excited to come back to Lisbon for our 6th episode, bringing together some talented Hypnotic Techno artists from Berlin and Lisbon.
Exploring sounds between between deep, dark and uplifting, our goal is to create an immersive space, where the audience can enjoy as much the music than the visual experience offered to the VJing performance.

ELBEREC: Laure Croft + Jesterr + Valody

Os sets de Laure Croft são um rush de alta intensidade e velocidade, compostos por Techno que vai beber aos meados dos anos 90 e 00, catapultado numa visão futurista através da táctica e precisão do vinil e da experimentação desinibida. 

LOKIER (Pinkman / Lenske) + TELMA

Natural do México, Lokier tem vindo a crescer como DJ e produtora na cena eletrónica internacional. No final do ano passado editou o EP ‘Back To Life’ na Lenske de Amelie Lens.

Art Bei Ton: From Berlin to Lisbon #4

This March, Art Bei Ton will come back to Lisbon with a very special night, bringing from Berlin their immersive concept of mixing deep Techno sounds and VJing performances.