11:55 pm



ELBEREC: David Löhlein x Tryängle x Valody


ELBEREC residency night returns to Village Underground Lisboa, featuring label owner Valody, portuguese DJ and producer Tryängle and her special guest David Löhlein.

Exploring the intersections of music, visual art and social responsibility, David Löhlein is one of the most exciting DJs coming up through Stuttgart’s electronic music scene. His trademark and expertly crafted “snake sound” is a distinctive streak of techno that is always coated with sultry and sexy grooves. It’s impossible not to be pulled deep into the abyss of his dazzling and unpredictable dj-sets. With his compulsive curiosity for the arcane and technical skills that leave your jaw swinging, he’s ready to sink you into a hedonistic world of pounding rhythms and wicked melodies.

*A bilheteira online encerra duas horas antes da hora marcada para o início do espetáculo. 

Existirão bilhetes disponíveis à porta, sempre que a lotação do evento o permitir.

The event is finished.