11:00 pm



Nomad Embassy Sound System


Nomad Embassy Sound System is back with its full sound pressure.

After a summer of intense vibration, from Waking Life to HIM DUB Festival, the Sound System is coming back to Village Underground. We are thrilled to announce this upcoming celebration, under the sign of Sound System Urban culture. 7 hours of pure

Village Underground is limited to 400 entrances so grab your ticket now !

Nomad Embassy is a Sound System, or modular P.A following influences from the 50’ allied to a new sound reinforcement engineering. It is also a collective of artists, playing vinyl and digital, from Roots, Dub to Stepper. Sound System needs to be lived to be understood, It is a Sonic Dominance, it is a unique and profound culture and an equally impressive and deep way of sharing and participating in a musical experience. Through the intense low bass frequency and the high vibration created by the powerful Sound quality, prepare to transcend yourself into a strong musical experience.

“The Sound System session creates a special bowl, or receptacle, or amphitheater that is entirely filled with the sound and the crowd…”

The event is finished.