Art Bei Ton: from Berlin to Lisbon 8

For our 8th events in Lisbon, we’re very excited to bring from Berlin one of our favorite Italian DJ and producer Andrea Cossu! You might know him for his releases on the Gods Planet, Semantica or other nice labels from the hypnotic techno scene.

Big Badda Boom Sound apresenta No Mercy Sound Clash IV

Um Sound Clash é uma competicão musical onde selecta’s e MC’s de Sound Systems adversários comparam técnicas de mistura de dubplates, tentam motivar o público e vencer o outro Sound system num frente-a-trente sempre recheado de emoção.

Lifestyling: Alec Falconer x Harry Wills x Simoncello

After our last party in November with Federico Molinari, we are back to Village Underground. For the ocasion we are inviting two of the most interesting artists to come out of England in the last few years for a night of UK flavoured sounds: Alec Falconer and Harry Wills.


“FETICHE” é um evento temático que une a decoração e a música eletrónica numa noite só.


Nomad Embassy Sound System regressa ao Village Underground Lisboa para mais uma sessão com “8 SCOOPS” que promete fazer jus ao conceito de Sound System.

It takes a lot of heart to dance #5

Clubbing The party “It Takes a Lot of Heart to Dance” is a call out for those who dream where other people dance. The residents are the Dj duo SCHMITZ (the alter ego the Djs Xminder and Glitz gave to their performance together), and Serotonin.On these parties, these three melomaniacs go through various styles of …

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