Andamento: Vass x MIC. x Anda

Anda invites: Vass Avant-garde acid-tinged melodic trip music, encompassing all areas of intelligent, emotive and groovy sounds from past and present. A passionate and ferocious digger with razor sharp technical ability, Vass has carved out a unique take on sophisticated and trance-inducing late night club music, with an obsessive devotion and rare talent for threading …

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Bashment: Carnival Edition

A Bashment está de volta para os festejos de Carnaval com o melhor dancehall e afro beats. Com Don Andre, Fresh P, Decio e Clemente aos comandos da pista.

It takes a lot of heart to dance #5

Clubbing The party “It Takes a Lot of Heart to Dance” is a call out for those who dream where other people dance. The residents are the Dj duo SCHMITZ (the alter ego the Djs Xminder and Glitz gave to their performance together), and Serotonin.On these parties, these three melomaniacs go through various styles of …

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Química: Gadutra x Yuri Rios x João Melgueira x Vitor Domingos

Clubbing A bilheteira online encerra uma hora antes do início dos eventos. Há sempre bilhetes disponíveis na porta, salvo que a lotação do evento se encontre esgotada.  Pré-venda: 10€Porta: 12€ A Química celebra a sua 39ª edição num novo espaço em Lisboa — kicks pujantes e basslines vão soar na estreia do coletivo no Village Underground. …

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MÉTRICA with Shcuro b2b Photonz x Salbany (DJ set)

Métrica and Village Underground Lisboa invite 3 heavyweights in Lisbon’s underground electronic music scene. Photonz and Shcuro will come together for a special b2b behind the decks, delivering those staggering breaks that we all love, joined by Salbany – producer, DJ and sound technician who conquered the country by storm with his 90’s Detroit Techno influenced sounds. Get ready for that old school Detroit feeling when he hits the booth.