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Village Underground Lisboa is an international platform for creativity, art and culture.
It has an original architectural structure built with two buses and 14 shipping containers converted into multidisciplinary creative spaces where an artistic community resides. It has a restaurant and a sound recording studio. It hosts music, theater, cinema and dance events with a focus on street culture.
The Restaurant is a double-decker bus serving delicious meals.
It is the perfect place for a relaxed lunch-meeting, dinner with a group of friends or an afternoon on the terrace reading, with a view over the 25 de Abril bridge. It serves meals such as hamburgers, toasts, wraps, appetizers and salads with vegetables and herbs from its own vegetable garden and has vegetarian and vegan options. It is known for its delicious desserts and brunch Village
It is the home of a creative community in the city.
Containers adapted to the needs and dreams of residents. They are work areas, workshops, labs or stores that each shapes according to their goals. It is in these art boxes that the sense of community grows strong, where fusion, co-existence and co-creativity take place. With direct access to networking, workshops, exhibitions and parties that take place in the village regularly. With 24h / 7 access, fast Internet and air conditioning.
Please disturb. Revenues from corporate events at VU are the source of funding for our artistic program.
Our village is an open wall to ideas and events. Each company or brand can personalize the stay and leave its mark.
It is an open wall for a new artistic and cultural movement that brings together creators and artists around contemporary cultural and socio-economic problems.
We believe in diversity, sustainability and knowledge to think and act creatively.

Avenida da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa

chamada para a rede fixa nacional: +351 215 832 469




Until then, use digital contacts to know our route. And why don't we start planning for the future now?


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