11:55 pm



ELBEREC: I-RO x Brusca b2b Valody x Sathurnus


I-RO, born in Istanbul, began her musical journey with drumming and exploring different genres of music. I-RO always had a passion for rhythm and percussion and moving to Amsterdam led her to find the music scene that fits her artistic identity. The creative outlet exposed her talents which were quickly picked up by various organizations. Her sound is characterized by its hypnotizing flow and powerful elements. To create an effective atmosphere she likes to integrate sound patterns from various sub-genres of techno into her sets. Together with her storytelling skills and desire to stay connected with the dancefloor, her sets are a sensory experience.

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*A bilheteira online encerra duas horas antes da hora marcada para o início do espetáculo. 

Existirão bilhetes disponíveis à porta, sempre que a lotação do evento o permitir.

The event is finished.