Fuse Matiné + After Dusk

A 10 de junho, aproveitamos para celebrar muito mais do que Portugal. Pela primeira vez no Village, a Fuse Records preparou uma matiné open air que se estende até depois do entardecer, com artistas em formato b2b, outra atmosfera, no Club.

Deep Motiøn, Boiler Sesh, feat. Grace Dahl

00H – 06H00 Boiler Sesh Vibes approaching! Dj Booth in the center, close to the crowd, just how we like it! Coming to Lisbon’s finest Techno Session: Grace Dahl (Amsterdam) curating some very fresh and powerful grooves.🥵 Featured by locals and rising talents: Jesterr and Bo Samuel.😮‍💨 -FRIDAY, 09th of June-00h-06h-Village Underground Lisboa Grace DahlJesterrBo …

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Art Bei Ton: : 5th Anniversary

Clubbing We’re very excited to celebrate with you in Lisbon our 5th Anniversary!For this special edition, we’ll bring to Lisbon the very talented DJ, producer and owner of the label End Of Perceptions: Viels. Since 2015, this great Italian artists release on reknown Deep Techno labels, such as Warm Up, Non Series, Semantica or Edit …

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Amazonas 2nd Year Anniversary

Amazonas is a cultural place in Calçada dos Barbadinhos, hosting a secondhand record & clothes shop, music sessions and art while serving delicious cocktails & food.