Gathering work with inspiration

Where our villagers gather to open themselves to the world.

VULX is a landmark on Lisbon’s architecture landscape and home to a creative community in the city.

A unique ecosystem made of shipping containers recycled into…pretty much everything.
Recording studios, recicled bag shops, start-up headquarters, art ateliers, art exhibititions, live dj sets’ booth…
These containers have the power of metamorphosis, adapting to the dreams of their residents, in a formal, experimental or conceptual way.
These boxes can become offices, workshops, labs or shops.
Ideal for co-creation.

Whether you are an artist, freelancer, a startup or an entrepreneur, you will become part of a new community, with plenty of chances to network at one of the many events, workshops or exhibitions held on at the Village at a regular basis.

You can access your office 24/7 and all the spaces have fast Internet and air-conditioner.
Count on two double decker buses converted into a restaurant Buzz Lisboeta and a conference/meeting room Meeting Bus.

Not to brag, but recently we were awarded “The World’s 4 Most Unusual Coworking Spaces” by Forbes, and the 10th place (1st in Portugal) in “The 50 Best Co-Working Spots In Europe” by Big 7 Travel.

Just saying.

We work where the mind usually wanders to, at a traditional workplace.


Come see it with your own eyes.

Become a resident at the most creative village in Portugal.



Meet our villagers



Lucas Pinto Amor  |  Container 7

Graduated in Frankfurt, Lucas is a multidisciplinary artist who spends his time working on different projects within the areas of painting, sculpture and printmaking. The engraving resulted in the GOODBOY brand that counts with several handmade T-shirts, cloth bags, backpacks and necklaces.

Known as Lucas Pinto Amor or Luca for his calligraphy work, where he defies authority for the abuse of power. To escape the conventional approach, as a tattoo artist he makes original designs, using the abstract and the geometric but most of all, he relies on the blind confidence of his clients to tattoo their bodies.

Since 2018 Luca has its headquarters at container 7 of Village Underground Lisbon. Where he sells and exposes his artwork and welcomes his tattoo clients.


OFF!CINA  |  Container 10

OFF!CINA is a company whose main goal is to optimize people’s emotional skills. They have created a parallel between what is inside a toolbox and the potentialities that each person has within themselves.

Our society is changing, and with it our priorities as well. In general people have been striving to adopt a healthier lifestyle, they are concerned with sustainability, reuse, recycling … but when it comes to emotional health, the chip has not changed yet. Therefore, a OFF!CINA wants to give voice to truth and authenticity, working on personal and emotional motivation.

An unusual company and, correspondingly, Vera Machaz also. Always active and enthusiastic, Vera brings since 2017 even more life and emotion to the Village family.


Forget Safety  |  Container 12

Forget Safety, this is the definition of this agency that parked at our Village this year. Founded by Rodrigo Perazoli, Forget Safety works in the areas of marketing, advertising and multimedia content creation with the aim of always revealing the best of the client seeking its growth.

Folia  |  Contentor 10

Inspired by the nature and richness of the Portuguese heritage, discover FOLIA, an eco-responsible Portuguese postcard and notebook brand, created by Steve Dubois, a French graphic designer who has been living in Lisbon since September 2019.
Each natural and recycled paper is certified without chemical additives.

Much more than just a stationery, Steve proposes the design of his media: logos, business cards and websites with his graphic studio,

Personified by the cheerful and happy Steve Dubois, is one more villager we always like to exchange ideas with.

Pasi Makkonen  |  Container 12

Pasi is a Finnish born – London trained architect/designer and is working on launching a Portuguese produced design furniture brand. The collection is in product development stage and will be manufactured by factories in the OPorto area. He is also in early stages of developing a rubbish bin with an integrated measuring device aimed at reducing domestic waste and helping consumers make more environmental choices. In his spare time Pasi is involved in real estate development.

Escolheu em 2017 o Village como a sua nova morada e que estadia tem sido.

One Step Forward  |  Container 8

Established in 2013 with a unique concept and mindset – to be one step forward. That is the motto and inspiration for every designed piece of this clothing brand.

With a notable urban aesthetic, one step forward combines comfort and quality with original designs, always thinking about the little details that make a piece of clothing unique.

It lives between streetwear and high fashion. A limbo, some may call it, but not one made from indecision, one made for breaking down barriers and thinning lines.

Gonçalo and Pedro came to VULX at the beginning of the year 2019 and we have already been infected by their energy.

Carolina Caldeira  |  Container 13

Currently living with an existential crisis between her artistic expression and the production of cultural movements. And while she’s waiting to see what drives her enthusiasm best, her hands are onto an urban art project and music in bathtubs.

Carolina was the fair winner of one of our OpenCalls! and with her enthusiasm and fantastic ideas, we are glad she did.


Lumen Design  |  Container 14

Born in 1973, Klaus Motoki Tonn is an entrepreneur and creative mind. Lawyer, founder of several agencies and initiatives, such as Lumen, sh|ft. He has worked for companies such as General Electric, 20th Century Fox, Roche, Volkswagen and a variety of NPOs. His works received awards such as the Cannes Gold Lion for Design and Management and Lean Awards. Besides working for his customers he is becoming a certified SIY (Search Inside Yourself) coach at Google and finishes his PhD on digitization strategies. We count with his knowledge and creativity since the beginning of the year.

Liam Morley |  Container 12

As part of the duo Rainer Veil, former Manchester resident Liam Morley has produced records on the respected Modern Love label, and is now writing his first solo release.
He co-curates and manages the download content for independent record store, Boomkat, and has made numerous appearances DJing for NTS Radio in the UK.