11:55 pm



EMBASSY OF DUB – Nomad Embassy Sound System & Guests


We are Nomad Embassy a collective of artists representing Dub Culture through a hand made sound system, following Jamaica influences from the 50’s allied to new sound reinforcement engineering. 

We play from Roots, Steppers and Dub style all of them considered variations of Reggae Music.

The philosophy of this project stands mainly in spreading culture and education through underground reggae music, approaching social political and environment ideas related to questions of our days and a vision for a better future. It is toward that direct that we organise Portugal’s first Dub Festival, HIM DUB Festival. A festival dedicated to sound system, workshops, lectures, well being, education and art..

We are a group of artists from Portugal and abroad. We count on Young Sprout (FR) and Raspect SunRoots SoulJah (PT) as ours selectors, playing mainly vinyls. Jah Towers (PT) as our sound engineering operator. On the Mic we have Farifine (PT) who follows the collective with the mission to spread some conscious lyrics trough singing and by his side Papz Zilla (PT) as toaster, approaching and teasing the public during our performance. Last but not the list Medi Sound Station (PT) as a Dub producer who brings us some live Dubmixing with original music.

The event is finished.