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Eclectic Movement invites Denis Horvat

Eclectic Movement is taking over one of Lisbon’s most iconic venues – Village Underground – on April 22nd. EM’s mission is to highlight the importance of open-mindedness in music.

The night will deliver a whole spectrum of sounds – ranging from grooves of the past, melodic beats of the present, to raw, unfiltered rhythms of the future. Headlining the event is the renowned techno producer and DJ, Denis Horvat (Innervisions, Vokabolarium), who will be joined by a diverse range of up-and-coming artists, including LICA (Living like Birds, Secret Fusion), Dario Dea (Multinotes, Moblack), and XCI (Pho Bho Records, EGO).

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable night.
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*A bilheteira online encerra duas horas antes da hora marcada para o início do espetáculo. 

Existirão bilhetes disponíveis à porta, sempre que a lotação do evento o permitir.

The event is finished.