Art Bei Ton: From Berlin to Lisbon #6

We’re very excited to come back to Lisbon for our 6th episode, bringing together some talented Hypnotic Techno artists from Berlin and Lisbon.
Exploring sounds between between deep, dark and uplifting, our goal is to create an immersive space, where the audience can enjoy as much the music than the visual experience offered to the VJing performance.

Amazonas 1st Year Anniversary

Amazonas is a cultural place in Calçada dos Barbadinhos, hosting a secondhand record & clothes shop, music sessions and art while serving delicious cocktails & food. 

3 Years of Discoing

Back in 2019, on a summer evening, we decided to gather a few friends at Torel garden.The word quickly spread and 13 volumes later we have made 6 050 new friends and danced for more over 80 hours.

Stephan Bodzin (Live) + Innellea & Guests

17H – 23H | Outdoor Stephan Bodzin (Live) Luna Semara (Live) Vertere Soundsystem 23H – 06H | Indoor Innellea Rafael Da Cruz —*A bilheteira online encerra duas horas antes da hora marcada para o início do espetáculo.  Existirão bilhetes disponíveis à porta, sempre que a lotação do evento o permitir.

Peter Templeton & DJ Khabal

DJ Khabal e Peter Templeton, dois locals bem estabelecidos no circuito de DJs em Lisboa, juntam-se novamente depois algumas aparições em cabine, onde o lema é: Make Party Party Again.