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D-Nox (Sprout / Herzblut – Germany), Analodjica

Christian Wedekind is a German DJ, producer and founder of record label Sprout Music. His career in electronic music spans more than 25 years and his expertise behind the decks is valued worldwide.

Everything started for D-Nox with his passion for music and DJing in his hometown, Düsseldorf, in the early 90s. Soon after the turn of the next decade, D-Nox also made his mark in the music community, not only as a DJ but as a producer, as part of the well respected and much loved duo, D-Nox & Beckers, who are known to be responsible for various club hits since 2004.

D-Nox has since brought his sound all around the world, with an outstanding career in Brazil where he has his biggest fan community and is also where he now calls home. He has played many major festivals as well as many of the important clubs around the world, and with gigs in over 70 countries, D-Nox and the duo D-Nox & Beckers belong to the most important underground dance music products to hail from Germany.

The way Analodjica communicates is typically feminine. She dismisses the need for words, especially when choosing music during her energetic and seductive DJ sets. She instinctively knows what the audience is thinking or what their next move will be. This “female intuition,” for many considered a true “midas touch,” is contagious throughout her playlists.

She has played in the biggest and most respected nightspots, in Portugal and abroad, also as a part of the celebrated female DJ duo Heartbreakerz. Analodjica features a unique form of techno, a rollercoaster filled with twists, turns and melodies, highs and lows. She has been a part of the collective, label and promoter Fuse Records since 2015.

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