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3 Years of Discoing

Open Air & Club

It feels like vol. 1 was yesterday, but believe it or not, discoing is already turning 3 years old.

Back in 2019, on a summer evening, we decided to gather a few friends at Torel garden.The word quickly spread and 13 volumes later we have made 6 050 new friends and danced for more over 80 hours.

That’s something worth celebrating!July 2nd is our anniversary at a place where we had one of the best editions: the one and only Village Underground Lisboa. From 17h to 06h, with two stages, this will be our biggest edition to date.

Early bird tickets available:


*A bilheteira online encerra duas horas antes da hora marcada para o início do espetáculo. 

Existirão bilhetes disponíveis à porta, sempre que a lotação do evento o permitir.

The event is finished.