Charlie Brown

A chocolate tart and biscuit base that joins the homemade peanut butter to recreate the flavors of Americans' favorite chocolates, with a very personal touch. A name that many people do not forget!


Queremos sempre apoiar empresas portuguesas e os seus produtos de qualidade – como é o caso da Fini. Um gelato italiano artesanal, com sabores fantásticos e sem aditivos. Com opções tradicionais e sorvetes vegan. Algo para o tempo quente que não poderiamos deixar de ter.

Banoffee Pie

The dessert that convinces all nationalities. A classic from the UK but whose history in the Village is very long. Wafer, Doce de Leite, Banana and Chantilly, with cinnamon on top that gives it the determining flavor. He has been on TV, recommended and evangelized by so many, it is safe to say that he will never leave us.