Corporate Solutions

The best way to be creative is to work with creative people

Our creative and production team have solutions tailored for your specific needs. If you’re a brand, a cultural organisation, a advertising agency, either small or big company, trying to improve something, contact us at We’ve accumulated years of experience working on many fields and we can help you.

“I’m a brand: how can I communicate with young generations?”
We have our own cultural program where we talk with your target. We understand their needs and we can associate your brand with their art, from street art to music. We have a privileged view of the potential of Village Underground as a unique space filled with art, and our own communication channels, online and offline, and how we can communicate with our public. So, we can give you a 360º solution for a event, content creation and marketing of a campaign.

“I’m a company: how can I be inspired, or profit from you?”
We are, in our gens, a coworking space. We understand companies and their needs. We believe on creation of synergies with teams and individuals, and spaces that can potentiate them. So, you can inspire your company by moving a presentation, a team building, a workshop, or a meeting to our environment. The artistic and futuristic feel will inspire teams to work better, as they are surrounded by creativity.

“I’m a festival/cultural organisation: how can I develop a tailor-made social gathering to attendees?”
One of the things festivals of any kind can fail is on their parties. Most of the festivals are not focused on music or performance events, so their programme sometimes fail to please the attendees and/or bring them to an important space for networking, being with media or partners. It’s not about booking the artists that you think your attendees are going to like, but to create an environment and the right artistic feel to make them memorable. We have a creative team of event producers and cultural programmers that may help you with the perfect solution for a venue.

“I’m a small company: can I work there?”
You might wanna check this page.